Code listings for programs

This web site contains digital data files related to a doctoral thesis, Methods for visualising complex water quality data submitted to the University of Cape Town by Michael Silberbauer.

List of scripts and applications described in the thesis.

barcode.aml Barcode inventory
isodate.aml Date conversion for AML
isodate2day.aml Date conversion for AML
juanitapiegraphicsshape.ave Rose or papillon shapes in Avenue
kml_WMS_mnpts_html.awk Script to generate KML files for Google Earth inventory
linregfil.aml Linear regression AML
load.aml Load calculation AML
Maucha09.cls VBA script for Maucha diagrams in ArcGIS
mauchagraphicsshape.ave Avenue script for Maucha diagrams in ArcView
Maucha_Stiff_Piper.xls Excel spreadsheet for Maucha and other diagrams
plot.ave Avenue script for plotting water quality data
plot_menu.ave Menu for plot.ave