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CV - Michael Silberbauer

Water quality data management and reporting.

Water quality visualisation PhD - Michael Silberbauer

Doctoral thesis, Methods for visualising complex water quality data completed at the University of Cape Town in 2010 by Michael Silberbauer.

Adopt Moreletaspruit forum - Adopting an urban stream

The Adopt Moreletaspruit forum aims to create awareness of the value of the Moreletaspruit and its tributaries and to provide an opportunity for the community to volunteer their support and assistance in conserving and improving the Spruit to a state in which it is an asset to the people of the City of Tshwane.

Silvermine River catchment - Urban biodiversity corridor

Although dammed 1.5 kilometres from its source and constricted at its mouth by two bridges, the Silvermine River and its catchment provide a valuable refuge for wildlife and a source of urban biodiversity.

SASAqS - Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists

The Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists is a learned society concerned with the research, management and conservation of inland waters throughout southern Africa. Established in 1964 as the Limnological Society of South Africa, SASAqS provides an important forum for discussion. The two cornerstones of the society's activities are the annual congress and the African Journal of Aquatic Science. The society has also contributed to a variety of projects ranging from National Legislation to the publication of books.

Moreleta Spruit 2020