Silvermine River catchment

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Water quality map of the Silvermine River (Read more)

The City of Cape Town has an Open Data Policy whereby these inland water quality sample result datasets are made available on their website:
  1. Escherichia coli (E.coli) as raw data and in a report sent to the Water and Sanitation Portfolio Committee).
  2. Chlorophyll a, Microcystin toxins, Ammonia, Unionised Ammonia, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Sum of Nitrate and Nitrite, Ortho-phosphate, Oxygen Saturation, pH, Suspended Solids and Temperature data.
  3. The inland water quality sample point positions.
The map above takes these tables of results and makes them more accessible.
The colour-coding arbitrarily groups water into three classes - this is so that you can more quickly home into areas of interest. Click on a site to see a box with short summary of the status, then click in the box to see the individual sample results plotted against time.
Note that these results are made available so that you can better understand the ambient quality of Cape Town's inland waters.
The City of Cape Town does not warrant or guarantee the quality or accuracy of the data accessed, extracted or used from their site.